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"All done!!! Thanks so much for your help, it has been an interesting/frustrating at times project and I still think it will save me a lot of $$ from building from scratch in NZ."
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Vaughan & Rochelle
Te Kuiti Mitre 10
New Zealand

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What The Big Internet Steel Building Guys Don't Tell You Before They Take Your Deposit. Learn How To Design, Buy and Build Your Pre-engineered Prefabricated Steel Building in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, USA. Discover the Truth Before You Get Snooked!

Steel Building Site Services Costs and Price Comparisons

I have created a grid that you can use to review our products or services and their features and prices. You can easily compare and choose between your products. You also can see the images and illustrations for your building design requirements with associated costs below. Be sure to get my STEEL BUILDING BUYERS GUIDE before you buy anything to CYA!

Bottom line is you can spend as little as $25 - $30 per Sq. ft. up to $100 - $125 per sq. ft. It all depends on your design. Call or Contact Me for your no obligation consultation to get a valid budget with reasonable expectations. I will not try to sell you anything!

What Are The 7 Dirty Little Secrets

The Big Factory Direct Prefabricated Steel Building Manufacturers Hide?


That question will save you thousands and many a session with your therapist. Here they are................


Tip #1: "Best Factory Direct Prices" Hey,many of these Internet pre-engineered steel building companies are NOT manufacturers! Most are “Brokers” with design software who then send it over to a structural engineer they have retained to produce the final drawings and calculations. Once engineered the building is contract built by one of many prefabricated steel factories here in the US even Mexico. Most of these guys are boiler room type sales departments hustling your business.


Tip #2: "When you buy from the Factory you cut out the middlemen." Most Local Reps/Distributors/Dealers provide Factory Direct Prices that are usually as good, possibly better than what you get from the so called “Internet Specials” or “Canceled Building You Gotta Place The Order NOW To Get This HOT Price”. Honest local support and service far out weighs some low ball BS price on-line hype. You can't get the personal help required to receive and build your project from some factory in Texas or Nebraska. Just doesn't happen.


Tip #3: “State Approved wet stamped engineering is included.” What you don't know is that a building engineered to loads and codes in Kentucky has a lot less steel required then a building here in the Portland fault lines or the Gulf Coast 150mph winds. Pricing can very 10-40+%. YOU ARE LIABLE FOR THIS DETAIL! You MUST verify the pre-engineered steel building design loads and codes from your local building department then VERIFY they are accurately listed on your quote. Any variation will throw your permit process out the window. Many a less than above board Radio and Internet promoted building supplier has duped consumers into big re-engineering fees and fat price increases just on this one scam detail!


Tip #4: "Just get a price for your prefabricated steel building. The rest is a no brainer." Frankly, that price quote usually means absolutely nothing unless you have done you due diligence with the City or County Planning and Building Departments on the property you own. Why? Nine times out of ten the final size and architectural look change due to codes and what the building is required to look like from the street. Rural buildings aside, a simple sit down with your designer and building department will be well worth your time before you waste any effort on pricing. A pre-engineered steel building can be as inexpensive as $8.00 sf or as high as $40.00 sf. It all depends on your final design and components. Fact is the building is usually 20-25% of the overall project cost not including utilities, paving, sidewalks, landscape, build-out etc. Budget $40 - $70.oo sf for the completed building package and add from there. Hard to swallow? Sorry, it's a fact for commercial applications but rural Agricultural projects certainly can be less expensive.


Tip #5: "Prefabricated steel building factory supplied drawings and specifications are all you need." Sorry, wrong again! First, for few thousand dollars using a architect/planner who knows pre-engineered steel building design is worth their weight in GOLD for the first feasibility step to get what your Municipality demands. Expand the scope of the architects services as required but get the facts then budget. Many a owner has waltzed down to the planning department thinking they can pull their permit in half an hour or so and comes home completely frustrated and really PO'd. Hire someone who is trained in this process and I guarantee you will streamline your schedule and sleep a whole lot better at night. Oh, and by the way, your foundation needs to be engineered as well. Check with your steel building supplier as some will supply the footings engineering, usually at extra cost, but you probably will have to have it done independently. Should cost $1000 - $5000 depending on the size and special requirements.


Tip #6: "Get a Pre-Engineered Steel Building Kit to build yourself and save money. No Problem! Easy erect directions are included." Not so fast! Yes, you can save about $5.00 sf but you better know someone who has erected a metal building before and make sure there are plenty steaks on the BarBQ and beer on ice because you will owe them big time. Special Liability Insurance, Safety equipment and harnesses are mandatory! Again, here, it's best to work with a local supplier who has a erector they can hook you up with to guide you through the assembly process. It would be well worth your small investment to hire the erector to at least get the building laid out correctly and get you started on the right path. It will save you tons of time and painful chiropractor adjustments.


Tip #7: "Conventional financing is your only option!" Today's market money is tough! You'd be surprised to know there is another very lucrative form of financing to owners. Lease To Own Programs are designed to help you get your steel building with a minimal amount of cash up front and Affordable Monthly Payments. Why tie up you cash reserves when you can lease the package building, erect, foundation and much of the equipment installed within your pre-engineered steel structure.


Best Tip: Call or email me for more details or better yet, let's meet for a cup of coffee? I need to know more about you, your business, give you an idea of some of our successes, then if it makes sense, put together a plan to move forward.