Steel Building Site Services Costs and Price Comparisons

I have created a grid that you can use to review our products or services and their features and prices. You can easily compare and choose between your products. You also can see the images and illustrations for your building design requirements with associated costs below. Be sure to get my STEEL BUILDING BUYERS GUIDE before you buy anything to CYA!

Bottom line is you can spend as little as $25 - $30 per Sq. ft. up to $100 - $125 per sq. ft. It all depends on your design. CALL or CONTACT ME for your no obligation conseltation to get a valid budget with reasonable expectations. I will not try to sell you anything!  

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All Cities & Counties Require Site & Interior Build-Out Plans Unless Rural Barns & Sheds

 $3 Per Sq. Ft. Up To 3% Of Project



The Pre-Engineered Building will provide all the structural calc's and reactions required but you must have the foundation engineered as well as civil engineering.

 $750 - $5000



Includes Underground, Building, HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing

 2-3% Of Overall Project Budget

 Arch or Quonset  Steel Buildings

Designs For All Your Storage & Shelter Needs


Per Sq. Ft.

 American Barn Steel Buildings

Best choice for ease of ordering, construction, quality, and overall value.

Up To 50' Wide & 2 Story

 $10-$14 Per Sq. Ft.


Steel Building Systems

Red Iron I-Beam Structures

Any Size Up To 3 Story

Wider Than 50'

 $8-$30 Per Sq. Ft.

 Carousel Pen and Riding Arenas

Custom Designed To Your Specifications


Excavation &  Concrete Pad

$7-$10 Per Sq. Ft.


$4-$8 Per Sq. Ft.


 Overhead Doors

 $400 - $3500 Ea.


$6-8 Per Sq. Ft. 



$6-8 Per Sq. Ft. 

Heating & A/C

$6-8 Per Sq. Ft. 

Interior Build-Out

 $15-$25 Per Sq. Ft.




 $.50 - $1.50 Per Sq. Ft.


 Sewer & Water

TBD based on your location  


TBD based on your location

Fire Suppression

 $4-5 Per Sq. Ft.



TBD based on oil prices


TBD based on local jurisdiction