Pole Barns

Yeah, I know what you are going to say: "Here is another steel guy trashing wood products." Fact is, wood is a great building material and we represent:

Uncle Howard's Gorgeous Wood Barn Kits that include Lumber, Hardware, and Site Specific Structurally Engineered Plans

But as with anything, every product has its pros and cons.  My Steel Buildings are designed for those people who are looking at the long term and want a lifelong Return on Investment with minimal potential issues. With steel buildings, if you spend the pennies upfront, you will not have to continue to reinvest both time and money later. This is the difference between the benefits of Steel Buildings and the Pole Barns I sell.

 Here are some major topics to consider then see our pole barn pricing below:



Foundation Systems:
  • Poles are set directly into the ground, offering little or no resistance to flood or frost.
  • Steel buildings bolt to a substantial concrete foundation using either continuous thickened perimeter foundation or a pier footing tied directly to the slab.
  • Pressure Treated Wood is subject to too many atmospheric and environmental variables.  This can allow the wood to warp and shrink which means higher costs down the road when the foundation columns have to be adjusted at your expense.  Many of the pressure treated chemicals they still use for this application are not considered environmentally safe to today’s standards for residential use.
  • The foundation is specifically designed for structure, soil conditions and frost.  All the steel we use is recycled and rigorously tested for both quality and service life. 



  • Property and fire insurance is approximately 30% higher annually for wood built structures. 
  • Likewise, property insurance is 30% lower for a steel building when comparing it to a wooden structure. 



  • Problems arise when looking to obtain permits, usually due to there being vague or no assembly documents, floor plans, or blueprints.
  • Extensive assembly documents and plans are provided.  All plans are engineer stamped and ready to be submitted to the building department.

  • Constructing any building of any size without proper design, engineering, and instruction can be a nightmare, costing you both time and money. 
  • Under normal conditions, our steel buildings can be erected using nothing more but a high lift, scaffolding and hand tools.  If you have to cut or drill out frames, you've got the wrong piece!!  All parts are numbered and designed to fit, offering ease of use and ease of mind. 



  • Wood structures have a Class “C” Fire Rating.  This is the lowest rating, able to withstand light exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building.
  • Our metal buildings have a Class “A” Fire Rating, the highest protection available.  Our buildings are able to withstand severe exposure to fire. 



  • Sheeting may have be reattached often and the wooden members of the structure painted as well.  Steel materials hung onto wood are more likely to leak and rust.  Pole construction could even be required to be completely re-sheeted, costing thousands over a 20-25 year life span. 
  • Once your metal building is up you don't have to worry for the next 30 years.  After the pole barn has disintegrated (average 15-20 years), a metal building still has many maintenance free years left.


  • Pole Barns average cost range ranks anywhere between $14 - $40 per square foot.  This average is based on use as a storage building with mid-level accessories.
  • My Steel Buildings average cost is based on the same storage building use with mid-level accessories.  The cost is only a little higher than Pole Barns, making the smart long term investment.  The average cost range ranks between $18 - $50 per square foot.  What a small investment for such amazing long term benefits. 
* For more details on the new generation of environmentally friendly wood treatment go to:   mainewoodtreaters.com