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Cold Rolled Frame: New Cheap Factory Steel Buildings

Do it Yourself Construction

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These "All Steel" buildings offered at a rare combination of quality and economy. The all steel buildings are designed for "Do-It-Yourself" construction. The frames are a "bolt up" design that can be "tilted" into place--no expensive cranes required! These buildings offer the option of pier only construction for rock floors, straight columns with "down forces only" meaning no expensive concrete foundations required! With the high cost of lumber and the reduced man hours--up to 30% less, the all steel buildings are an attractive alternative to wood frame buildings for commercial, suburban or farm use. Standard 3:12 roof slope mean full usable height throughout the building width. Steel "Z" roof purlins and wall girts fasten quickly with self-tapping screw bolts.

Prices include all framework, fasteners, baked enamel painted walls and roof in a variety of colors. Plans and assembly instructions included, add $350 for engineered stamped plans. Designed for standard Midwest wind and snow loads. Heavier wind or snow loads available at higher cost. Other roof slopes available at added cost.

These buildings can be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states for less than $500 ask us how!

At lower costs this Cold-Rolled Frame System can be purchased less than steel roof purlins and wall girts.
In their place 2x4 wood framing for wall girts and 2x4 wood roof framing for roof purlins (spaced 2'-0" o.c.) can be purchased from your local lumber yard.

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